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FightCamp fits your busy schedule

Whatever your schedule looks like, FightCamp has a workout that will give you a dynamic, intense, and energetic experience. Never feel like you have to sacrifice progress for the sake of time.

Your home is the gym

All you need is enough room to do a pushup for FightCamp to fit seamlessly in your home. You can forget about wasted time driving to the gym.

Do more in less time

A 20-minute workout shouldn't feel like “just a 20-minute workout.” FightCamp is designed to deliver a mentally-challenging combination of cardio & strength in a short amount of time.

Boxing & Kickboxing are

Full-Body HIIT

FightCamp gives you a complete workout every time. Whether you add our workouts to your existing training, or only use FightCamp, you can be sure to condition & strengthen every muscle group.

Save time selecting your workout

We make it easy to hop right in and save precious minutes in your day.

The best workout in

the world

There’s a reason all the best athletes across every sport add boxing or kickboxing into their training routine. Improve endurance, flexibility, speed and power all in one dynamic workout.

FightCamp adds variety to your routine

You’ll get better every day

Collect badges & achievements as proof that you’ve reached milestones and made progress.

FightCamp best 5k punches badge
FightCamp best 600 workout badge
FightCamp best four week streak badge
FightCamp best prospect badge
FightCamp beat score badge
FightCamp best kickboxing badge
FightCamp best 100k punches badge

Stronger, More

Experienced, More


At the end of the day, it’s all about pushing yourself to be better, faster and stronger than you were the day before.

See your results

Real-time, in-workout metrics show exactly how you’re doing against the competition, or against your own past performance. Post-workout summaries highlight where you crushed it and where you have room to improve.

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