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Access to all FightCamp Content
Full access to the growing library of FightCamp workouts and training content. This includes fresh new workouts every week, drills, tutorial videos, and more!
FightCamp Trackers
Once you subscribe, we will send you a pair of FightCamp Punch Trackers which will unlock your access to the FightCamp library. If you would like to cancel your subscription, just reach out to us and we’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label for you to ship the trackers back.
FightCamp Quick Wraps
The FightCamp Quick Wraps are built to firmly hold your trackers in place during your workout while providing wrist and knuckle support. You will be ready to start your FightCamp workouts in no time with these.
White Glove Customer Support
We are dedicated to offering an A+ experience in your journey towards greatness. We will immediately replace your Punch Trackers if you experience any malfunctioning with them and if we come out with a new model, we will replace your older model free of charge. On top of that, our team will be there to assist you if you experience any personal challenges in your journey, whether you are not seeing the results expected or if you feel that you simply need a motivational boost.


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Can I use FightCamp with an Android device?

FightCamp is only available for iOS devices at the moment. Please email if you’d like to express your need for an Android version of FightCamp.

$39 and I get free FightCamp trackers. What’s the catch?

There is absolutely no catch. For $39/month you get access to the workouts and we ship you a pair of Punch Trackers and a pair of Quick Wraps for free. What if FightCamp is not for you? Simply reach out to support and we'll send you a pre-paid shipping label to return the trackers.

How does the 30-day free trial work?

The free trial starts once you receive your complimentary pair of FightCamp trackers. From there you have thirty days to try FightCamp. What if FightCamp is not for you? Simply reach out to support and we'll cancel your subscription. Please note that the free trial is included with the 12 months and 24 months plans only.

How do I return the trackers?

Whenever you decide to cancel, please contact our customer support at We will send you a pre-paid shipping label for your to return the trackers. Place the FightCamp trackers in their original box with the charging dock and cable. Place the pre-paid shipping label on an envelope and send us back the trackers.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel FightCamp anytime! Contact our customer support team and ask to cancel your subscription. We'll send a link to get a pre-paid shipping label for you to return the FightCamp trackers. Place the trackers in their original box with the charging dock and cable. Place the pre-paid shipping label on an envelope and send us back the trackers. That's it.

Please note that trackers need to be returned for the cancellation process to be completed. Failing to return the trackers may result in charges.

What do I need to join FightCamp?

To enjoy FightCamp, you need access to a high quality bag and a good pair of gloves to protect your knuckles. In order to join FightCamp you will need to create an account online, then start your subscription to get your FightCamp trackers. Besides a bag and gloves, we always recommend wrapping your hands properly either with quick wraps or traditional hand wraps to protect your wrists from injuries. We offer FightCamp clients a Home Kit which contains all these items with a guaranteed top of the line quality.

I already own the equipment, can I only pay for the subscription?

Yes, if you already have everything you need at home, simply start your free trial and get started today!

How many users can train on my account?

FightCamp allows you to create accounts for your entire household so everyone can enjoy the workouts.

How can I stream the workouts to my TV?

In order to watch the FightCamp workouts on your TV, you can do one of the following:

  • Use an Apple TV to stream from your iOS device.
  • Connect your iOS device to your TV using an HDMI cable and a Lightning to HDMI cable (also called Apple Digital AV adapter).
How much is the shipping cost?

Shipping is free on the FightCamp trackers in the US. If you are ordering the Home Kit then shipping is $75 for the US. Please note that we do not ship the FightCamp home kit and accessories to Alaska and Hawaii.

How often are new workouts added?

Every week, 4+ new FightCamp workouts are added to the library. Feeling like doing a previous workout and improving your score? Don't worry, we're keeping every single workout in our library for you to access anytime.