The FightCamp Kit

Don't have the right equipment? We got you covered! FightCamp offers a full Kit to get you started.



Equip yourself with the most stylish gear designed to fit in your living room, basement, garage, and more. Built with professional grade knuckle protection, wrist support, and high-end material, the Essentials Kit has everything you need to go all out during your FightCamp workouts.

What's Included

1 x

FightCamp Boxing Gloves

+   Weight : 12 oz.

+   Large secure velcro wrist closures

+   Perforated palm for ventilation and secure

1 x

FightCamp Free-Standing Boxing Bag

+   Dimensions : 67" tall, 18" top diameter, 24" base diameter

+   Weight : 270 lbs. filled with water, 25.6 lbs. unfilled

+   Can be filled with water or sand

+   Special non-wrinkle fabric design means the bag won't develop large wrinkles from usage

+   Simplest assembly of any free standing bag (2 pieces)

+   Small base makes it easy to roll the bag in and out of your workout area (and saves space)

+   Embedded stem allows the bag to absorb strikes without tipping over

+   Unique impact absorption reduces stress on strikers hands and joints

1 x

Rubber Workout Mat

+   Adjustable 8' by 4' mat area

+   Protects your floor from sweat and scuff marks

+   8 mm rubber provides a high friction and low impact zone to workout (same flooring as a high end boxing gym)

+   Made of 8 interlocking tiles that connect together and can be adjusted to fit your needs (max dimension 8' by 4')

+   Reduces free-standing bag movement and noise

Tour the Bag

Get a feel for the FightCamp Free-Standing Boxing Bag.


FightCamp Boxing Gloves


The FightCamp boxing gloves are a blend of style and quality. You'll be looking fly while you let these punches fly. The gloves are 12 oz. and have a large secure velcro wrist closures for easy removal and wear. Perforated palm for ventilation and secure stitching throughout.

Rubber Workout Mat


It's highly recommended to get a rubber mat to go with your free-standing bag. This mat will reduce the movement and noise produced from the free-standing bag as well as providing a high-friction and sweat proof workout area.

FightCamp Quick Wraps


Note: Each free trial sign up comes with a free pair of these quick wraps, get these if you would like an extra pair. These Quick Wraps are built to hold your sensors in place with a wrist wrapping section for additional wrist security as well as a padded knuckle section to protect your hands even more. The FightCamp Quick Wraps are one size fits all.

FightCamp Free-Standing Bag


This high quality free standing boxing bag will allow you to go all out during your workouts. The bag is 67" tall, 18" top diameter, 24" base diameter. The unique base holds the fabric of the bag tight and reduces creases so the bag always looks sharp. Can be filled with water or sand and weighs around 270 lbs. filled with water.