Fits Like A Glove

Finally, fitness that fits you.

Whether you're a parent, professional, laid-back or type-A, we know you wear a lot of hats and need a fitness plan that fits you — your schedule, your space, your goals.

Always Time for a Fight

Whatever your schedule looks like, FightCamp has a workout ready to help you build consistency and form healthy habits. Every round delivers a dynamic, intense, and energetic experience, so you never feel like you sacrifice progress for the sake of time. Every minute you give us is valuable. We promise to use them wisely.



For when you need to put in some work before work.


For when you feel hungry for more on your lunch break.


For when you fight like a weekend warrior.

Growing Library

Select from any one of our hundreds of on-demand workouts, follow them to a T, or make modifications to change intensity and pace. You have the power to get in the best shape of your life (we'll cheer you on every step of the way).


We're in this together, but it's your fight; you're in control. Whatever your skill level or fitness level — beginner or pro, just getting strong or taking it to the next level — you choose how hard you want to fight.

Boxing Skills

Beginner Pro

Fitness Level

Basic Bad Ass


Just when you've made the commitment (and the time) to workout, you face one last hurdle: what to do in your next workout. FightCamp removes the guesswork (and the excuses) — just show up, and we'll guide you through the game plan.

Woman punching outdoors

Wherever You Get It Done

Work up a sweat in the garage, train in the spare room, or show off in the living room — your space, your rules. FightCamp fits any home. When not in use, tuck it in a corner, store it in a closet, or put it on display. Our beautiful equipment is a real conversation piece.

Man punching in garage
Woman left kick

Workout Family Style

Create up to five user profiles per subscription. Compete with others in your household, and turn fitness into a game for users young and old. Get stronger together.

When you can make small steps toward progress, big results feel effortless. Take the first step toward the lifestyle you've always wanted:

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