One Punch, You're Hooked

A uniquely satisfying workout.

There's nothing more satisfying than landing a solid punch on the bag… and then another. Before you know it, you're in the zone.

Fight Boredom with Variety

You want your fitness program to work out long term — so do we, and we know we have to keep things fresh. We promise to deliver FightCamp workouts that keep your body guessing and your mind engaged.

We blend body punches, defensive moves, plyometric sprints and body-weight exercises to build unique combinations that will keep your body and mind engaged. With endless variety, you never have to do the same workout twice — unless you want to (we all have our favorites).

Move to the Groove

When the beat pumps, your blood rushes, your body comes alive and you lose yourself in the music — you let your hands fly.

We want you to achieve that flow state. We want you to feel motivated and forget how hard you're working. Our carefully curated music stations are guaranteed to help you find a groove that makes you move.

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Trainers in Your Corner

FightCamp trainers use their years of training and fighting expertise, individual personalities and unique teaching styles to develop workouts that motivate and push you further.

Choose a trainer who inspires your inner fighter and puts a smile on your face — with our mix of rockstars, you can't go wrong.

Goal 13 Left

Go-Getters Become Goal-Getters

It feels good to work hard when you fight for something real. We push you to hit your goals (literally). Our Punch Trackers show you real-time progress and stats, on any iOS and Android device. Watch the punch counter surge, feel yourself reach new milestones, and bring that goal-crushing mentality to every part of your life.

Friendly Competition for Extra Motivation

What's not to love about friendly competition? Our trackers calculate Output using a proprietary algorithm to combine intensity, speed and technique.

On the Leaderboard, see how your score stacks up against others in our growing community. Compete against yourself or fight your way to the top (do what you love).

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A Game of Skill

With FightCamp, you develop a real skill that engages your mind and body. Strap on your gloves to practice fundamentals in our Prospect Path — learn proper form and technique, and work on building foundational punch combinations. When you're ready, move to our Contender Path — designed to challenge more experienced boxers. The more you learn, the more you get hooked.

Small steps can make game-changing impacts. Take the first step toward experiencing a workout that will excite you:

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