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This Workout Packs a Punch

Premium equipment, punch tracking technology, and real-time stats motivate you to accomplish your goals, all from the comfort of home.

FightCamp is interactive, educational, competitive, rewarding, connected, fun, empowering, for everyone, at home, smart, boxing, kickboxing, game-changing

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Built to Keep You Moving

FightCamp is designed to keep you engaged, focused and in the zone. Compete against yourself and others, celebrate your sweat and unleash your inner fighter with a uniquely satisfying workout.

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No Time Wasted with Full-Body Workouts

Discover your go-to workouts in our growing on-demand library, then seamlessly fit them into your busy schedule. Whether you have 15 minutes to power through four rounds, or an hour to grind through 10, you'll get a muscle- pumping, towel - soaking, full - body workout.

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Train with the Best

Our world-class trainers teach with passion & dedication, so you always feel motivated to go the distance. Fighting alongside them, you'll train like a champion, master technique, and strengthen your body & mind.

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